the world of alnorea is beautiful and unlike any other, but there is a dark side to this mystical place. alnoreans are stealing humans from the world of deadam, and bringing them here to alnorea and selling them on the vertesh, or black market. why you may ask? there are certain things the creatures of alnorea need from the mortals. be it tears or blood to stay youthful, legs for the ability to walk on land or laughter to refuel power. members can choose to play one of several different species of alnorea or be a mortal of deadam. join us today and dive into the world of alnorea with us!

MAGUS 01 03
NYX 00 03
HYBRID 00 01
INCCU 00 01
FAE 01 02
HARPY 00 00
HUMAN 03 03
OTHER 00 00
TOTALS 21 24

welcome to vertesh! when registering, please do so with your character's first and last name in proper caps. for those of you with asian characters (this only applies to asian characters) please register with your character's last name followed by their first name in proper caps.

there are currently no bans in place.

12.31 the site is now under construction. we will return as soon as the site has been fully revamped. in the meantime, feel free to roleplay in the in-character box.
10.04 new races have been added to vertesh! click here to see what ones have been added.
10.04 there is a new announcement up regarding things to come on the site. for more information please click here to read.
09.14 the first site wide event is coming soon! keep looking back for the official announcement on it.
08.29 today is the last day to save your character. if you need to reply to the activity check, please do so by the end of today. thank you!
08.22 the first activity check has started. click here for more information.
08.20 a minor revamp has been done. we are now more organized.
08.19 vertesh is going to have a minor revamp. click here for more information.
08.11 welcome your new admin, manda to the team!
08.09 vertesh is now officially open! come join the fun!

we have a large variety of canons here at vertesh, each and every one has a special role within the plot. since there are so many, we've decided to list the few that we find are currently most needed. you can find the others listed here.

king --- valkyrie.
lady bellaneya ---.
sir toverre ---.
captain --- icefyre.
first mate --- icefyre.
einnen ---.

vertesh was created for your roleplaying enjoyment by beckerz and oli. all site plots and ideas are credited to them. the skin's color scheme is credited to lauz. coding assistance is thanks to ror and our lovely new admin, manda. all characters and roleplaying threads are credited to the members of vertesh. please do not steal any of the work posted on this sitw. plagiarism is illegal, even on the internet. images used around this site are credited to their rightful owners. thank you for allowing us to use your wonderful images on vertesh. the mini profile is credited to TANA @ COSMO, SHINE, and ATF. the skin is credited to birgitte @ and shine.the forum description is credited to brax @ shine.

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